“Then satan answered the Lord and said, ‘Does Job fear God for naught’?”

Job 1:9

In life there are many questions
That confront us one-by-one;
Someone asks us where we’re going,
While others ask what we have done.

Some questions are quite casual,
While others probe deeply inside;
But, none are more important than this one,
From which none of us can hide:

“Why do you serve the Lord God Almighty?
Why do you call upon His Name?
Is it because of what He can do for you?
Or do you hope for money, power and fame?

“Yes, why do you serve the King of kings
And, read your Bible and pray?
Are you hoping He’ll be impressed and reward you
In all you’ll do today?”

God’s Word is clear when it speaks of the heart
And why we do what we always do;
It examines our motives in everything
From the beginning until we’re through.

He knows if we serve Him out of fear
Or out of guilt on Him we do call;
But He longs for us to respond to Him in love
As we cast upon Him our all.

In Grace He calls us to be His own
And by His Mercy He sets us free;
It’s knowing that He loves us just as we are
That should cause us to love Him indeed.

“Why do you serve Him?”
Someone may ask me today;
May my answer be “Because I love Him
And will surrender to and serve Him always.”

September 1, 2011