“But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them because they fainted and were scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd.”

Matthew 9:36

It seems anymore every day I am

So preoccupied with things to do

That I lose my joy in the midst of it all

And am worn out before the day is through.


I’ve tried multiple vitamins and wonder-working drugs

To rejuvenate my body, mind and soul,

But they haven’t worked and I’m poorer by far

As I feel so increasingly “old.”


As I ponder my life and predicament,

Wondering just what will restore my joy,

I hear Jesus whisper and call out my name,

“My child, here’s the “secret” and the things you should employ:


“Pray for a heart that beats like Mine—

A heart that’s full of love. . .

A heart that’s always sensitive to others’ need

And yearns for them to know My Father up above.


“Pray for eyes that see what Mine do

As you look at those people all around—

People who are weary, downcast and so full of despair

That their burdens have bowed them down to the ground.


“Pray for ears like Mine that hear

All those silent sighs and cries—

Ears that hear when one’s heart is broken

Yet no tears do flow from their eyes.


“Pray for My compassion that reaches out

To others so filled with needs;

Touch them with My love and let them know

That I am their Savior and Friend indeed.


“Yes, pray for a heart that loves like Mine—

A heart that always beats for others

And you’ll discover the source of life’s greatest joy

Is when you reach out in My love to another.”

by Tom Smith