“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11

How still the night when Christ was born

In a manger in the House of Bread

While the world did sleep, unbeknownst to them

Came man’s Hope just as the Father had said.


No royal robes were given to Him,

No servants attending to His cry;

His attendants were shepherds, sheep, cattle and such

As Mary sang to Him a lullaby.


Although in the Heavens an angelic choir did appear

With songs of “Hosanna” and praise, Very few took note of what happened that night

As they continued on in sin’s malaise.


Yet, in the years that did pass by

This baby became a Man—

One Whose life would turn the world upside down

In ways that none would understand.


Those Hands, so small as babies’ are,

Would one day be pierced by nails;

No longer would His cries be those of a cooing child

As on Him all sin did assail.


But soon from those Blood-splotched lips of His

A different cry would erupt,

“It is finished” and “I’m alive evermore”—

Shouts which nothing can ever, ever, ever disrupt.


How wonderful it is to remember that Night

When God stooped down in love

And gave to us life’s most Wondrous Gift—

The Gift of His own Son from above.


May we forever give thanks to the Father on high

As we struggle in our sinful plights,

Remembering that Hope Eternal was born in Bethlehem

On that first, most blessed, Christmas night.

by Tom Smith