“. . .for the palace is not for man, but for the Lord.” Chronicles 29:1c


Another year has come and gone,

With all its joys and sorrows;

And now a new year has begun…

The beginning of all of our “tomorrows.”

In some ways it’s no different

Than the year that’s just gone by;

Yet in many ways it’s an open door

To bring glory to our Lord Who lives on high.

It’s a type of “new beginnings”…

A time of starting all over again;

It’s an opportunity to recommit our lives

In service to God and our fellow man.

As we seek to start the year off right,

In love and consecration,

May we always remember to love our Lord

With unwavering dedication.

The things we do are not for men,

Nor are the words we say;

Instead they’re all for the glory of the Lord

As we live our lives each day.

Yes, “All for Thee, all for Thee”

Should be our solemn prayer,

For ultimately He’s the only One that matters

As we cast upon Him our cares.

The work we do is not for man

Or for the praises that they bring;

Instead in all that we do or say,

We should seek to glorify our King.

So, let us start this New Year oh so right

Whether in matters great or small…

By insuring our aim is to please the One,

Who is our All in All.

by Tom Smith