“Her children arise up, and call her blessed. . .” Proverbs 31:28

In all of God’s creation

There’s one that’s above all others;

It’s that beautiful creation we usually call

A kind and loving mother.

Although quite frail in physical strength

When compared to all the rest,

A mother’s love is oh so strong

And, really, of all—the Best!

A mother’s kiss can “heal a hurt,”

Her hugs can calm our fears;

And only a mother can make us smile

In the midst of pain and tears.

No words can describe a caring Mom

And how she makes us feel,

When she mends our clothes and nurtures our soul

Or attends to us when we are ill.

Yes, a mother is a marvelous example

Of the Father up above—

For she’s always giving so unselfishly

And doing them in love.

There is no way to measure her worth

Or assess intrinsic value;

For a mother’s price clearly far exceeds

Earthly treasures that astound you.

She works so hard to make ends meet

And searches far and wide,

To insure that her family’s needs are met,

Which causes peace to abide.

She cooks and sews and cleans the house,

Not stopping until she’s through;

And even then she often wonders

If there’s still something that she should do.

So, let us thank the Lord for Godly mothers

And how they fill our hearts with love—

In the words they say and the things they do,

Pointing us to the Father up above.

by Tom Smith