“Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.” Job 5:7

Our time here on earth is short at best,

As a vapor that vanishes away;

We know not what the future will hold,

Or even what will be today.

From the time of our birth we know that our lives

On earth will soon be through;

That’s why we should invest them in God’s eternal plan

By seeking to bring Him glory in all we do.

We know that trouble’s a part of our lives,

As are pain and grief so deep.

We know there’ll be times when our hearts do break

Over things that make us weep.

That’s why on Christ we should cast all care,

Entrusting to Him our life—

For it’s only when we abide in Him

That we experience an end to strife.

No longer do we need to live in despair,

No longer should we be enslaved to fear;

For when in Christ’s love we forever abide

He’s never far away—He’s here!

Yes, it’s when in Christ we find true peace

Which defies all comprehension,

That we experience the joy that only He can give

And enjoy life’s greatest Satisfaction.

The day will come when our lives will be

Like sparks that do fly upward;

One minute they’re here, the next they’re gone

Much quicker than we would prefer.

But do not fear as you muse on this fact

And consider the brevity of your time here;

Place your trust in Christ in all you do

And He’ll free you from all fear.

by Tom Smith