“Be still and know that I am God. . .”

Psalm 46:10a

How busily we live our lives

With activities, jobs and such;

Before we know it we’re frazzled and worn

By trying to do way too much.

We rise up early to hit it hard

So we can get ahead, But before we know it the day’s flown by

And it’s oh so late and time for bed.

As we lie there exhausted, recounting our work—

Reflecting on what we’ve done that day—

It hits us like a ton of bricks:

“Oh, I forgot to pray!”

We’d had good intentions to have some quiet time

And read in the Bible a chapter or two,

But our schedules were so jam-packed we laid those aside

“For I have way too much to do!”

Before too long we felt dry inside—

Just like a lot of dry bones;

We’d lost our joy and had no song,

For they had for a long time been oh so gone.

But just when it seemed I could not go on

At such a hectic pace, I felt His tugging in my heart

As He whispered, “You’ve forgotten My rightful place.”

He said, “You’re much too busy, My weary child,

And have forgotten to spend time with Me.

You’ve been trying to do things in your own strength,

Which is quite evident for all to see.

“Be still and know that I am God;

Be still and remember our blessed union—

For it’s when you cherish your time with Me

That we can have such sweet communion.”

by Tom Smith