Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. . .” Isaiah 53:4a

Sometimes our lives are turned upside down,

By problems, pressure and such,

That we’re tempted to think that all is lost

And we really can’t do much.

It seems that every time we try

To get a grip on everything,

That our problems elude our grasp and get much worse

As more heartache they do bring.

Yet, it’s in those times when we can’t go on

And are beginning to feel so down,

That we should recall God’s Good News

About the best Friend that’s ever been found.

His Name is Jesus—yes, He’s the One—

Who knows our every care;

Yes, He’s the One who knows so well

The burdens that we bear.

His heart is grieved when He sees our pain

And the tears that fill our eyes;

That’s why He says to give Him our cares,

Since He’s our Friend that’s nearby.

“Cast all your cares upon Me,”

He says so lovingly,

“I’ll carry your load and calm your soul

If you’ll simply turn them over to Me.

“No longer do you have to bear your grief

Or be weighed down by all your sorrow,

Feeling like your hope’s all gone

As you try to face another tomorrow.

“I’ll walk with you every step of the way

And will never leave or forsake you;

Together we’ll face what the future holds

And together we’ll see it through.”

by Tom Smith