“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:11

To earth He came so long ago

To show the Father’s love;

He came to redeem us from the ravages of sin

By making us fit for our Home in Heaven above.

From the time of His birth ‘til the time of His death

He was despised, rejected and scorned;

Even today there are those who mock His name,

Doubting that He, the Savior, was even born.

They laugh at believers and consider them weird

For believing a baby in the hay

Could affect their lives so many years since—

At least that’s what they say.

Yet such is always the case for those

Who face life with the “natural mind;”

They cannot understand the mysteries of God,

So they casually leave them all behind.

To one who’s experienced God’s great grace

And the changes it can bring,

Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem so many years ago

Is but one reason that we sing.

No other life in the history of mankind

Has ever impacted us like His;

No other love can change one’s heart

Like Jesus’—just like the Good Book says.

He was born in a lowly manger,

Surrounded by cattle and some sheep;

His attendants were simple shepherds—

So poor they’d make us weep.

But still He left His throne in Heaven

To dwell upon this earth

So we could experience the Father’s redeeming love

That comes with the New Birth.

Two thousand years ago Jesus was born

In a stable far away;

But now He longs to be born in the heart

Of anyone who’ll simply believe and pray:

“Dear Jesus, please come into my heart right now

And forgive me of my sins;

Cleanse me from guilt and give me new life

As You come to me to abide within.”

It’s in that simple prayer of faith

You’ll discover true Christmas pleasure—

For when Jesus comes to live within your heart

You receive God’s most precious Treasure.

by Tom Smith