“And He took them up in His arms and put His hands on them and blessed them.” Mark 10:16

Sometimes there are some troubles

That come into my life;

They rob my sleep and steal my joy,

Leaving only heartache and strife.

I try to “grin and bear it”

And even sing a jolly song;

But before I think about it

It seems that everything has gone wrong.

I’ll turn to others and share my woes

In agony and many tears;

They try to give me comfort,

But they cannot take away my fears.

Although their words are helpful

And help me on that day;

It’s during those long night watches

That I know there’s got to be a better way.

It’s then that I remember

The story of so long ago…

How Jesus took up the little children

And truly did love them so.

It’s during those moments of pondering

About my Savior’s tender love,

That I’m prompted to remember

That He also loves me from up above.

But even more wonderful than all of this

Is knowing that He’s really right here,

To draw me close unto Himself

And to dry up each one of my tears.

“Oh Jesus,” I quietly whisper

During those long, dark nights of woe,

“Hold me close, my dear and loving Savior

And never let me go.”

Then I feel His arms go round me,

Holding me oh so very near,

And I know He’ll never leave me…

Why, there’s no more need to fear.

by Tom Smith