There are some times as I walk through life

When the sky is menacing and dark;

No longer can I see the sun and skies of blue,

For the clouds are turbulent and stark.

It’s in those times that I feel my faith

Start growing oh so weak;

It once was strong, and vibrant too,

But now so small and bleak.

I try to bolster up my strength

And grit my teeth and all;

But, it seems like “whistling in the dark”,

When I feel I’m just about to fall.

I look for others to come help me,

To render to me great aid;

But they’re either too busy or just don’t care,

Leaving me alone…and oh so afraid.

But, just when I feel that all hope is gone

And, I don’t know what I’ll do,

I feel the touch of the Master’s Hand,

And hear His words, “I’ll walk with you.”

How firm is His Hand, so scarred by nails,

So tender…yet, so strong;

Somehow it gives me confidence

When it seems that everything has gone wrong.

How lovingly He holds my hand,

As we walk along the way;

He gives me hope that all is well

As I face another new day.

Even though at times my faith is small,

And my strength is awfully weak;

I need only whisper, “Lord, hold my hand,

For You’re the only One I seek.”

Before I can finish, I feel the grasp

Of His Hand so firmly on mine,

And I know that today will be a beautiful one

Where I can leave my fears and worries behind.

by Tom Smith