We know that our lives are short at best

As we travel this earthly sod;

We know that there’s no better way to go through life

Than to simply trust in God.

But, there are times when our faith is weak

And our strength is well nigh gone;

We’re filled with doubts and wonder why

So many things have gone wrong.

It’s in those times of doubt and pain

That we’re tempted to lose heart,

Forgetting that the promises of God

Are faithful from the very start.

His Word is true and never fails;

His Promises—so firm and true.

We simply must believe by faith

That He’ll always see us through.

In times of doubt we must believe

That our Lord will always be there—

To walk with us along the road

And to carry our burdens and cares.

When fear comes knocking at our door

And tries to make us hide,

We must run into Christ’s loving arms

To feel His peace inside.

Although we may not understand why

Our problems are so many and so cruel,

We simply must trust in the God who hears

And make sure that faith shall rule.

Grab fear and doubt by the throats when they come

And throw them out the door—

Declaring that they have no place

And you’ll not listen to them anymore.

How wonderful is the walk of faith

When It in us does dwell;

We then can stand and say with confidence,

“It is well…it is well…it is well.”

by Tom Smith