Thanksgiving’s gone and the turkey too,

And our friends and relatives have all gone home;

The weather’s cold and there’s a hint of snow

As the calendar days continue to march on.

Before too long Christmas day will be here

With all the joy that it can bring;

We’ll visit the malls and watch a Christmas play

And join the crowds in a good carol sing.

Then shortly thereafter it’s time for New Year’s

And we wonder about Y2K;

We know that there’s little we can do about it,

But just hope and pray it’ll be okay.

It’s during these days of festivity and food

That we sometimes get the “blues”,

Those inward feelings of “being down”

When we don’t know what to do.

Perhaps it’s our memories of days gone by

When life was simple and not so complex;

Or, it could be that we’re concerned too much

Of the future and that which could perplex.

Yet, it’s in these times when the “melancholy mist”

Begins to descend upon our mind,

That we need to remember that we’re not alone

And can leave all of those worries behind.

That night so many years ago there in Bethlehem,

When the angels began to sing,

There was born unto us a precious Savior

With the salvation that only He could bring.

They called His name “Immanuel”…

Our ever present “Prince of Peace”;

That’s why we should never give in to fear,,

Because He makes worries and fears to cease.

Bow down right now and worship Him,

If your heart is heavy and sad;

Give thanks to Him and praise His name…

And that will help you to be glad.

by Tom Smith