“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

Sometimes I get to feeling

That I’m really pretty swell;

I serve the Lord and go to church

And try to do things well.

But in the midst of my surmising,

As I’m puffing up with pride,

The Master’s voice within me says,

“I know what’s deep inside.

“I know your secret thoughts and deeds-

And when you get all riled

At others when they irritate you

And you hide your anger beneath that smile.

“Yes, I know you without and within

And your utter need of Me;

Isn’t it time that you decided

That it should be more of Me and less of thee??”

How sharp are His Words within my heart

As they ring so very true-

For it’s only when He is Number One

That He’ll bless whatsoever we do.

How hard it is to die to self,

Making Jesus the Lord of all;

It can only happen when we give in

And on our knees we do fall.

“More of Thee and less of me,”

Should be our quest in life,

For our failure to try and make that so

Will only lead to heartache and strife.

Yes, “More of Thee and less of me”-

That is my fervent plea;

“Help me, O Lord, so that others will always see

More of Thee. . .and less of me.”

by Tom Smith