“You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble. You shall compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.”

Psalm 32:7

There are times when I grow weary

Of life, its toils and cares,

And wish there were some “secret place”

Where I’d find no troubles there.

How wonderful it’d be to slip away

To a place of peace and bliss—

A place where all is quiet and calm:

“Oh what I’d give for a place like this!”

Yet, such a place does not exist

In this sinful world in which we live,

For there’s no person or place on this ‘ole earth

That true peace-of-mind can truly give.

No, there’s only one “Place” where peace is found—

One Place, where all is well;

It’s only in the loving arms of God

As in them we continually dwell.

True peace is not the absence of problems

Or found in the encouraging words of men;

It’s only found in the loving arms of Christ

As He dwells in our heart within.

Yes, the Risen Lord is the Only One

Who can calm life’s troubled sea;

Yes, He’s the One Who gives songs in the night

When no way in the darkness we see.

To Him we run when fears assail,

To Him we flee when teardrops fall;

He alone is our soul’s Hiding Place

And on His Name alone we continually call.

How wonderful to have such a trusted Friend,

Someone Who is always there;

May we always flee to Him when troubles come,

Casting upon Him our every care.

by Tom Smith