“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

How terribly dangerous our world has grown,

With war and terrorism on every hand;

It seems that there’s no place for us to run and hide

In any of our world’s many and varied lands.

We may run somewhere to seek some shelter

From bombs, bullets and madmen’s deeds,

Yet still it seems that they’re everywhere—

So very, very dark is our world indeed.

Just when it seems that all hope is lost

For finding any shelter in the strife,

We’re reminded that God is our refuge and strength,

And the Giver of true peace in life.

Within our hearts we know that our security

Is not found in bunkers or bullet-proof vests;

It’s not found in denial or positive-thinking phrases

When confronted with life-threatening tests.

No, the “peace that passes all understanding”

Is only found in God—

For He alone is our refuge and strength

As we travel earth’s war-ravaged sod.

Yes, it’s only when we place our trust in Him—

The One Who holds us secure,

That we find the hope to face tomorrow

And the strength with which to endure.

If suddenly the earth begins moving beneath our feet,

Or the waters rage and rise up oh so high,

In Christ we’re always safe and secure—

For He is always nigh.

It’s His Presence with us in every danger

That keeps us from all fear;

It’s knowing we’re kept in His nail-scarred Hands

And that He is always so very near.

by Tom Smith