“You tell my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?” Psalm 56:8

Sometimes in life our problems mount,

Reducing us to tears;

Grief fills our heart like a storm-tossed sea,

Blown here and there by doubts and fears.

Like tiny rivulets our tears flow down

Our face in steady streams.

One minute we feel like running away

And another to simply stand and scream.

At first we try to wipe them away

And act like all is well,

But inwardly our heart is breaking

More than any human words can ever tell.

It’s during those times of such agony of soul

That we need to feel God’s touch—

We need to know that someone cares

When our sorrows have become too much.

How wonderful to know that our Lord knows our needs

And is our Faithful Friend.

He’s promised to catch each tear that we shed

From the beginning to the very end.

The Spirit, our Comforter, quickly wings His way

To our side when our teardrops flow,

He catches them all in His Heavenly vial

In a way we can never know.

Yes, into His bottle go all of our tears

And are transformed into liquid prayers;

The Heavenly Father hears them and whispers to us,

“Fear not, My child; cast on Me your every care.”

So tenderly He draws us close to Himself

As He caresses us with His love.

And then we know that none of our tears have been lost—

For they’ve been recorded in His Book of Love up above.

by Tom Smith