“Wherefore, let him that thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall.”

I Corinthians 10:12

Sometimes I get to feelin’ good

About how spiritual I’ve grown to be;

I read the Bible and go to church

And have few needs that I can see.

Why, I even give more than 10%

And visit the poor, sick and such—

If it wasn’t for all those “sinners” I have to contend with

I really wouldn’t mind this ‘ole world too much.

You know the kind I’m talkin’ about:

Those who drink, smoke or chew.

And while you’re at it throw in those girls

Who are a bit too promiscuous in what they say and do.

I’m sure glad that I’m not like

Those folks down at the bar or pool hall—

You know the kind I’m talkin’ about:

Why, they never talk to or about God at all!

Yes, how thankful I am that I’ve seen the light

And have risen to the top;

My question is “What’s wrong with those folks

Who sin and never stop?!?”

As I pat myself on my “holy” back

And feel so good about “me,”

The Spirit whispers, “Beware, beware

Of the pride that lurks within thee.

“Beware of your thoughts that are quick to condemn

And your tongue that’s sharp as a knife—

For apart from My grace you haven’t any hope

Of entering into My eternal life.

“Yes, beware, of pride that blinds your eyes

To your sins and others’ true needs. . .

For your footing may not be as firm as you think

Because you’ve forgotten of the need of My grace indeed.”

by Tom Smith