Sometimes I get so busy

In my everyday walk and talk,

That I forget to stop and count my blessings

And the things that God’s love has wrought.

I hurry here, I scurry there

Like some busy beaver or bee;

Whiling away the precious moments

In frantic activity.

“Too busy right now to stop and pray…

Too much to do,” I say.

Then I wonder why I’m worn and frazzled

At the end of every day.

Much better would be my pilgrimage on earth

If I spent more precious time,

Counting blessings that are mine right now,

That are so simple, yet so sublime.

Too often we think that we must become

Sophisticated as we grow older;

So we put on airs and find ourselves

Growing brasher and so much bolder.

Yet, in the process we lose a lot Too much to do,” I say.

Of the essence of childhood;

We forget that Jesus said “Of such is the Kingdom”

When on this earth He stood.

This isn’t a call to childish ways,

Where we holler and complain;

Instead, it’s a call to remember the simple things

That too often we now disdain.

Perhaps we’d all do well today

When we stop to think and reflect,

That it’s the simple things in life that matter,

Not our trying to be perfect.

So, let us stop and spend a while

Both now…and in the days to come.

To remember life’s simple pleasures…

And from Whom they all do come.

by Tom Smith