“O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?”

I Corinthians 15:55

How sad our hearts when loved ones die

And are suddenly whisked away;

In shock we whisper amidst many tears,

“Oh how I wish I’d never seen this day!”

Inwardly we know that death is a part

Of life on this ‘ole earth,

But still it seems so cruel and unkind

As it lessens life’s meaning and worth.

But into our world of suffering and death

The blessed Savior came—

Sent from the Father to show us His love:

Jesus is His precious name.

He suffered more anguish than we’ll ever know

Before dying on Calvary’s hill;

No martyr was He—this Lamb of God—

For He died according to the Father’s own will.

When He breathed His last, all the demons rejoiced

And danced around in hell in glee,

“We’ve won! We’ve won!” they hooted and howled

“And have gained the victory!”

But three days later their joy turned to horror

When from the tomb the Lord did appear;

They fled from His sight like a thief in the night—

So great was their trembling and fear!

As He stood in the opening to that dark tomb

And lifted His hands to His Father on high,

He said, “I’m alive forevermore and have conquered the grave,

Giving hope to those with fears and sighs.

“No longer do sinners need to fear the stinger of death

Or live in hopeless despair and agony,

For I’ve conquered sin, death, hell and the grave

And won for them who believe their eternal Victory!”

by Tom Smith