“Herein is love—not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for ours sins.” I John 4:10

We talk so much about it

And define it in so many ways;

Yet, so often in it we’re lacking

As we go throughout the days.

Some use it to describe their “things”—

Their houses, clothes or land;

Others attach it to the things they do,

Although never giving to others a helping hand.

Then there are those who mistake it for lust

Of someone who looks so fine;

But soon discover that the relationship was shallow

As they leave them so far behind.

But none of these can fill the void

That rests within the heart—

That hole that craves to know we’re loved

Right from the very start.

That’s why the Father sent His Son

Down to this earth to die:

To show us just how much He loved us

By sending us a Savior from on high.

At first we cannot understand this deed

And why He came to earth,

To suffer and die on an old rugged Cross

When we feel so small and without worth.

“It’s because I love you and want you,”

Comes the answer upon the wind.

“I want to forgive and have fellowship with you—

That’s why My Son I did send.”

“What kind of love is this?” we ask

As we ponder this Divine Deed;

“Why it’s a God-shaped love,” comes the answer,

“And is all you’ll ever need.”

by Tom Smith