About B2B Ministries

A Ministry of Reconciliation, Renewal & Revival

Welcome Pilgrim!!!


Are you tired of ‘playing church’ and ‘business as usual’ in ministry and worship?”

Are you ‘hungry and thirsty’ for a fresh moving of the Holy Spirit in your life and church?”

Do you long to see real revival in your church that results in reconciliation and an increased desire to bring the lost to Christ?”

Then, it could be that “Back To Bethel Ministries” can help.

“Back To Bethel Ministries” is a ministry of revivalism and evangelism that’s based upon the Biblical mandate of II Corinthians 5:18-19. In these verses we are clearly told that the Lord has given unto us “the ministry and the word of reconciliation.”

Just as a triangle has three connecting sides, so does it depict our relationships with God and others. If our relationship with God is broken, it affects our relationship with others (and vice versa). Likewise, as Christians, we should be seeking to help others be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.

The underlying basis of this ministry is… to seek to help each person be rightly related to God and his fellow man (edification)…and then to help others enter into a personal relationship with God through Christ (evangelism)

Therefore, “Back To Bethel Ministries” is designed to help fulfill our Ministry of Reconciliation. This is done through Biblically-based preaching, combined with traditional Gospel music.

We named this ministry “Back to Bethel Ministries”, because of Jacob’s experience at Bethel (Genesis 28) and his call back to Bethel by God over 20 years later (Gen. 35:1-7). It was during his return to Bethel that he remembered what had happened there, renewed his vows, rebuilt the alter and renamed the place “El-Beth-El” or “God of the House of God.” Thus, the ministry’s name reminds us of our need to realize how “awesome” the “God of the Place” is, more so than the place itself. It is also a calling of us back to our First Love, Jesus Christ.

Thus, it is a “return to the basics” as it relates to worship and ministry. It is a “return to our First Love” as the Holy Spirit stirs our hearts, resulting in reconciliation, restoration, revival and renewal.

We are a non-profit, faith ministry. Our ultimate goal is glorifying God the Father by helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ by a moving of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Thus, I will be seeking to use preaching, singing, playing the piano, etc., to accomplish this purpose. I will also be open to leading renewal weekends, mid-winter Bible studies (January Bible studies), Gospel concerts (using the old Gospel songs), mission studies, supply preaching, etc.