“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers—for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2

Each day we find our lives are filled

With busyness and many “interruptions”;

Our nerves grow frayed and our patience thin,

Even while dealing with dear, close friends.

And, then unexpectedly our telephone rings

Or there’s a knock at our home’s front door;

We whisper a sigh and wonder who’s outside—

Wishing sometimes we simply could ignore.

“Oh, not today,” we mutter so quietly

As we go to see who’s there;

We wish they’d come back another day

When we could clean and be more prepared.

We put on a smile and welcome them in,

Saying, “How in the world have you been?

“Make yourself at home and stay a while,”

While groaning so quietly deep within.

Why do we secretly feel this way,

When unexpected guests have arrived?

Don’t we know that perhaps they’ve been sent

From our Father up on high?

It could be they’re angels who’ve come our way,

And are sent to bless us richly;

Instead of fretting, murmuring and complaining,

We’d do well to welcome them freely.

The gift of hospitality is truly a gift of grace

That flows from God’s own heart.

In welcoming in those strangers and friends

We’re showing His love from the very start.

Do not worry about the way things look

Or if everything’s neat and in place—

For when we entertain others with a willing heart

We are demonstrating God’s great grace.

by Tom Smith