“But his delight is in the law of the Lord— and in His law does he meditate day and night.” Psalm 1:2

In all our lives there are those times

That we never can forget;

They’re indelibly etched upon our minds—

Like a dew-laden rose or beautiful sunset.

Then there are times when our hearts are sad

And filled with so much sorrow—

That we wonder if we can endure the night

Or face another tomorrow.

It’s in those times when all hope seems gone

That we need to pause and pray,

For it’s when we stop to delight in Him

That we can make it through another day.

His Word is our light, when the path seems dim—

It’s our Anchor in stormy seas;

It’s the means by which we hear His quiet Voice

As we listen upon bended knees.

When our hearts are breaking, we find consolation

And words of comfort so dear;

As we reflect on His promises and such great love

We know that the Savior’s quite near.

Yes, in this life there’s naught that can compare

To our Lord’s precious words of life;

As we abide in them—yea, cling to them

They bring great peace amidst the strife.

The world may laugh and call us names

When we share with them God’s Word,

But in our hearts we know what’s right

Because of the sweetest story we’ve ever heard.

So, do not despair when you’re down-and-out

And your problems seem unending,

Simply delight yourself also in the living Lord

As He sets your heart to singing.

by Tom Smith